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We offer a free, online news subscription service. What does that mean? Every news article on the web can be seen on our website. You can subscribe to just about any website on the web that utilizes RSS technology (http://ctrlq.org/rss/), and automatically receive updates from that website or any other website you are subscribed to. You can subscribe to a 1,000 websites and get 10,000 articles in your personal “Custom Feed”. You can also contribute to our “Trending” feed. The more likes a post receives, the higher it is ranked in the Trending feed. You and like-minded people have the power to influence others into what you believe is news-worthy.

We also publish news, but in a different manner. We know not everyone has time to read a 2,000 word article. What do we say to that? “Don’t bother me with details and get straight to the point”, right? So that is what we do, we summarize lengthy articles on the web and shorten them down to 100-350 words. And if you are interested in the details, a link to the full article will always be attached below.

If you are a blogger or a multi-million dollar news organization, it may be in your best interest to add our subscription banner on your website. Why? We are creating an environment in which traffic from each corner of the web come together and exchange both information and traffic.

Other advantages: Do you provide a newsletter service? The difference between a newsletter and our website is time. It can takes hours or days to organize a weekly news letter. Why not just send your subscribers here, where they are more likely to click on your links than they are to click on your e-mail? And, if your article does do well in the Trending feed, you will be exposed to other traffic that utilizes our free service.

With all that said, we still encourage you to think freely and question everything.

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